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We Don’t Need No Stinking Lawn

Ever since before my mother in law passed we have tried numerous times to get a nice front lawn growing.  We have given up on this because no matter what we do we can’t get anything to grow short of weeds.  One of my customers came by and looked into why.  He told me that for the most part the soil we have is bad, and after he used a moisture analyzer said that I would need to do extensive watering if I was to ever get any sort of grass like sod.  My backyard gets some attention, but not much.  We don’t need grass to play horseshoes.

With this additional cost in play we have fully decided that we don’t need grass in the front yard.  We mow the weeds, and it looks nice for the most part.  I will not add anymore bills to my house.  I have finally gotten my electric under control, and I mean “UNDER” control.  Last month Constellation incorrectly billed us.  We got an adjustment bill today including this month, and it shows last month as a $0.  The new updated bill came to $63.  Last month there was no bill basically.

Some people have told me that I must not be reading something right, but the proof is in the bill…..

We like this, and hope that it continues in this manner.

Changing My Customers Ways

Being a computer technician I am continually trying to bring customers up to date with technology.  I am gradually getting customers to “Go Green.”  Along with the “Go Green” endeavor I am also trying to show customers ways that they can save money in their business.

I have one client that has 3 offices throughout the state.  He was spending a fortune on his phone bill.  This had a lot to do with having dedicated lines for the offices to communicate with each other.  I showed him how they can use internet video conferencing to reduce phone bills, and increase productivity.  He gave it a try, but never took the time to implement it fully.

In my business I am using a tablet now to reduce paperwork.  I am starting to experiment with digital signatures.  Now all I have to do is convince my contracts to fully push the digital technology to its fullest.

We Are Going Solar

I was driving home from a job the other day when I heard a commercial for solar.  We have discussed solar quite a few times in our house.  We have seen the “Rent Your Roof” type ads, and never thought twice about them.  In the past the cost is what stopped us.  I told my wife that I would call and get a price to see where we stood.  The person on the phone gave us an appointment scheduled for 2 days later so that we could get a no cost analysis of our electric situation.

I must say this first… There was no pressure sale, or tactics that I caught onto.  All I was presented with was an opportunity to save some money.  Take it, or Leave it.

The man that showed up looked very professional.  He didn’t look like the average Joe that shows up with his builders clothing, and Carhartt coats on.  Gil came in and sat down.  He started by talking to us about the process in general of how solar can save us money.  Next he asked us for electric bills.  He was amazed that we had them in such an orderly fashion.  We totalled up the KwH (Kilowat Hours) so that the information would be complete.

He then asked to take a visual look at direction, and pitch of the roof.  He told us that we could get solar with no major issues.  Next we went back in and sat down so that he could give us a full breakdown of the savings that are available.  What I understood immediatelly was that JCP&L rates will increase in the future.  I also realized what they have increased since we got our house.

Here are the best parts… They own the system.  They do all repairs at no cost to me.  It is mine after 20 years, or if I purchase it from them.  I will be cutting money off my electric bill.

Gil went through any questions my wife and I had.  My wife gave me the final accountability in this decision.  I told Gil that we were going to go ahead.  I signed the paperwork, and now it is just a waiting game.

I am all for saving some money, and helping the environment.