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Get Out Of My Bed, Get Out Of My House

When was the last time you heard that?  Well, in my house we seem to say that a lot, and it has nothing to do with being unfaithful.  In our house we have a problem with our cats.  They seem to think that because we aren’t laying on our mattresses that they belong taking them over, and sprawling out.  We have one cat named Tigger that actually sneaks under the blankets on our bed.  You would never know this if it wasn’t for the fact that we have to check our bed now because we have almost crushed him several times.  We have another cat named Princess that sleeps on the back of our living room couch.  She only comes in during the winter months, and it is hard as rocks to get her to go outside for a little while when it is cold.  One of our last cats is Spaz.  She only likes to be pet by me, but will allow everyone else to pet her when she is in our room on our bed.  The cats get better use out of our bed than we do.

Why do I get the defective cats?  We love them, but they do get annoying.

I Need My Sleep And Not TV

At night when I go to bed my wife always yells at me because I watch tv.  She has complained many times that forget to turn off the tv when I feel that I am going to fall asleep.  I simply forget to hit the sleep button on the tv so the tv runs until I wake up in the morning.  I find the tv to be the best insomnia treatment so far.  My wife has had me try to turn off the tv and just try to fall asleep, but what I have found is that I lay in bed awake for some serious amount of time.

Do you have a proven method for falling asleep?  Have you found any other suggestions, or methods that may work for others?