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Things Your Significant Other Purchases

My wife has always been a big Garage Sale / Yard Sale shopper.  She has made my little one into such a pain when it comes to seeing signs for either one.  Well, my wife called me one day and asked me about purchasing a Playstation 1 for $5.  I told her not to waste the $5 because the system is worthless, and probably doesn’t even work.  After a little bit of time she called me knowing that I can sometimes use things and asked me if I needed a cart for my office.  I thought about it because in my office having a movable piece of furniture for the computers would be great.  She sent me a picture mail on the cell phone and there was a picture of medical carts that she had found.  I don’t know how someone would end up with one of these at their homes, but I definitelly didn’t want anything like that around.  Not only big, but not very compatible to my needs.