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Sprint Likes To Drag Their Feet

According to numerous sites, and even the Samsung site Android 2.2 for the Epic 4G has been sent over to Sprint for release.  We were all told numerous times that it was coming, and I personally heard it from several Sprint employees that we would have it before end of the year.  That was told to me in 2010.  Here we are in 2011, and Android 2.2 (Froyo) still isn’t out.  I have noticed that users in UK get a lot of updates long before us for some reason.  Even on other carriers HTC seems to be ahead of the game in pleasing users.  The HTC Desire Android is one of the ones that I am referring to.  The proof is in the pudding I would say.  The Sprint Evo was released before the Epic, and that already has 2.2, and still gets updates currently.  What does it take to get a company to do what they should be doing?  Make us all happy Sprint.  I would say that we all should get things in writting when we sign into a contract, and then when the phone carrier can’t follow through we should be able to drop our contracts without penalties.  We have to deal with phones that have issues so why shouldn’t we be able to do some complaining.