Succeeding At Blogging

I have learned over the last @2 years about different things a person can do to get further at blogging.  Our sites are between PR2 and PR4 at times.  Our visitors grow by the day.  I have made a list of different things that I do that have gotten us as far as they have.  Some of these apply to bloggers that review things so keep that in mind.

  • Goodle Adsense – You can gain revenue from ads appearing on your site.
  • Affiliates – Be sure to join affiliate program that will display ads and earn you commission on sales from those ads.
  • Marketing – If you see a product that you like then search for the PR contact information and contact them about the product.
  • Self Promotion – Make up business cards for your site, and if you want the extra visibility get magnets for your vehicle.
  • Social Networking – Join as many social networking sites.  This helps publicize your site and gain you traffic.

Here are a few general thoughts for you if you are thinking about blogging.

  • Make sure you are up to speed with the FCC guidelines about disclosure about reviewing and compensation.
  • If you are going to blog first find a domain name that helps sum up what you are doing.
  • Blog as much as possible.  Companies like to see you posting more than once a week.
  • Once you are established you will get contacted by companies looking to advertise, and they will pay going rate if your site fits.
  • Don’t get a subdomain blog.  Most companies have stopped working with subdomained blog sites.  (ex.. JoesStuff.******.com)
  • Register your own domain name.  Don’t go through a company that does it for you because it will take work to move it later.

In the beginning I self-hosted my sites from my own servers.  I have found a few good sources that offer huge discounts when you sign up.

Here are some of the sites that I recommend for any blogger…

Facebook, MySpace, BlogCatalog

Commission Junction, Linkshare, ClickBank

If you need any other help please feel free to contact me and I would be willing to give you some assistance.  I don’t mind mentoring anyone.  I have done it before, and will do it again.

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