Strange News #1

Just when you thought it was safe…

Just when you thought there was noone stranger…

A Pennsylvania woman claims she has a very satisfying sexual relationship … with an amusement park ride. 

Do you really love ME or just that queasy feeling I give you in your stomach? Good vibrations 

Amy Wolfe says she loves 1001 Nachts so much that she plans to marry it, Metro reports. 

The “Magic Carpet”-themed ride is located at Knoebels Amusement Park in Elysburg, but the 33-year-old says she manages to ride the machine at least 300 times a year, even though she lives 80 miles away. 

When she can’t share the ups and downs of life with her lover, she uses pictures of it to satisfy herself at home.

Wolfe suffers from OS (objectum sexual), a condition where people develop sexual feelings toward objects.

She also has had relationships with spaceship models, the World Trade Center, a church organ and a banister railing. 

You might suffer from this condition if your last name is Models-Center-Organ-Railing-Ride.

Silly polygamist.

We go to Disney World a lot, and I don’t believe my wife has this problem at all.  What is up with people in this day, and age.  Worst part is that when they close the ride, or take it down she will probably try to sue for Alimony, or something…  ROFLMAO!

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3 Responses to Strange News #1

  1. There are some sick individuals out there!
    This article actually supports this statement.

  2. Wow! I can’t even begin to imagine how they got this story. I’m speechless….

  3. I have heard it all, and this takes the cake.