Starting to Prepare for Vacation


Well, we recently made major changes to our upcoming vacation to Disney World.  Originally we were going to drive down with our camper, and stay in Fort Wilderness.  After we realized the cost we were going to incur we changed everything… Well, almost.

We are now driving down, and staying in a “Suite” just outside the main gates of Disney World.  Then we will be moving over to our timeshare in Disney.  Starting to prepare now is essential, as I have to make sure everything is ready.  Between getting the car luggage carrier out, and washed to making sure the car is running absolutelly perfect, there is a lot to do.  I know it seems a bit early, but it really isn’t, as work can get in the way, and I tend to forget to do things.  Some of the stuff is in my schedule to do by certain dates, so it may not be done yet.

One benefit to all of this is that originally I would not have been able to travel much faster than 65 mph.  Now that the camper isn’t going I will be able to let the wife drive, and I can also use my foot for what it was intended, and move at a more admirable pace.  “Buckle up for safety!”

Grandma is meeting us down there, as she is flying down.  Driving back to NJ with us at the end.  We all wanted to fly, but the prices were just too much.  Between Spring Break, and Easter the airlines are banging everyone over the head.  With the economy you would think that they would be blowing out flights, and accomodations, but noone is really anxious for the business I guess.

We are still undecided about getting Annual Passes, or just getting standard daily tickets.  Prices are making me lean toward Annuals, as they will cost us @$900 for all 3 of us, where daily tickets will cost us more in the long run.  We will use the Annuals between this Easter, and next Easter.  We plan that far ahead so that we can spend the money in a more efficient manner.

We are planning to dine at T-Rex in Downtown Disney, and on Easter Sunday we are definitelly going to Easter activities for my daughter, and dinner at 1900 Park Fare, which is at the Grand Floridian.  My wife wants to do a little shopping, and I agree.  (LITTLE is the key word!)

I will be posting all sorts of information, and updates from Disney.  I will also be posting some things from my Blackberry while in the parks.  If you have ANY questions, or requests, please make sure to ask me.

Some things on my agenda…

1. Photos of Bay Lake Towers
2. Photos of Downtown Disney area
3. Photos of Fairies area in Magic Kingdom
4. Possible trip to MouseSurplus
5. Trip to Character Outlet in Belz Mall (They changed their name to ???)
6. Photos of Fort Wilderness sites, and such

My email is: JMarsden92@Comcast.Net

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6 Responses to Starting to Prepare for Vacation

  1. Did you ever get my button to work?  I have 2 sites now.

  2. I thank you for that note.

  3. When you’re looking at prices don’t forget dining. You can get the dining plan tacked onto a MYW package but it’s not available if you’re not getting a MYW (i.e., if you have passes). Just a bit of a word to the wise since you’ve probably already thought about this.

    Have a great time!!!!!!

  4. Check out my previous post for into about MouseSurplus.
    Have any luck with my badge this time BTW?

  5. MouseSurplus? What is that?
    And what are your stay dates? Also, I will be looking forward to your review of the Suite you are staying at off property.

  6. Spirit gave me a complimentary ticket when it bumped me lmost two years ago. I’ve been trying to use it ever since. They closed most destimations from Atlantic City, a major crimp in my planning. No more West Coast, not even midway Detrooit. They blacked out a lot of weekends and, holidays as well.

    I wanted to go away in April and was told by the agent to travel in March instead. I finally got one to Orlando in April being flexible with dates. I arrive three days before the rest of the family.

    Now Sprint won’t take me home because even though I booked it before the ticket expired, I can’t get back round trip by then–no availability.
    I think the FCC should look into airline booking practices. Sure the economy is tough, but that is no reason to arbitrarily change terms in a one-sided fashion.