Sprint V950 Review

While the wife has only had the V950 for 1 day I can do a reveiw on it, as I labored over it for hours yesterday to get everything onto it that she wanted.

What you get in the box… Phone, 256mb memory card, wall charger, holster, books.

The only thing bad that I have found so far is that this phone uses a totally different connection for the charger / data port.  It uses a micro usb.  Now we have to purchase another car charger.  I just bought her a new one 2 months ago.  Can’t we just centralize the types of connections that these phones take so that we all don’t have to keep purchasing new stuff when we change out phones?

This phone seems rugged with the rubber type casing it has.  The phone has no antenna.  The phone has no sim card.

Loading pictures, videos, and ringers wasn’t bad.  I initially had the phonebook loading working via bluetooth.  I used the Motorola Phone Tools method via bluetooth.  You need to have the latest version of MPT for this way to work.

To load apps, and games I called Sprint, and the CSR set me up with the $5 internet package.  From there I went through a site that I always use, and sent text messages to the phone with the Jar file attached.  The screen is bigger than the IC902 that my wife previously owned.

Getting the direct connect to work was a bit of a nightmare.  The phone kept coming back to me saying that registration failed.  They found out that the activation rep. hadn’t entered everything correct.

Internet is faster on this phone in comparison to my Blackberry Curve 8350i.  Granted that phone is on Nextel, where the v950 is on Sprint.

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One Response to Sprint V950 Review

  1. Hubby and I just got Sprint 950V’s as replacements for the hybrid that was discontinued not once but twice–too many problems for us.

    A button to open the flip is gone–no loss for me. The sim card business I don’t understand–they were supposed to be a product advancement.

    I have noticed that over the years first Nextel then Sprint changes the connection piece each time it brings out a new model. I suppose it makes money that way. Too bad some inventor cannot find a way to just replace it. Too bad the company would not instruct its manufacturing partners to make that piece universal. But then the company would not be earning while the csonsumer saved…. So I too am bummed about the connection end. This one is so new it isn’t compatible with a “fits all models” one I bought just yesterday. I guess I’ll have to do without a car charger for a while.