Sprint Epic 4G Sept. 2010 Update

Android phones are gradually taking over the phone market, and the IPhone is feeling the hurt.  Blackberry is also in some trouble.  I reported on this previously in “Android is taking the lead.”

Currently Sprint is sending out an “Over the Air” update for the Samsung Epic 4G. 

If you don’t want to wait for the update to get to you, then you can manually update your phone by following these steps.

Download the update by clicking HERE.  (File has already been renamed for ease.)

Plug your phone into your computer with the usb cable.

Select Mass Storage.

Open Explorer on your PC.

Copy the file to the root of the SD Card.

Turn off the phone.

While holding down “Volume Down” & “Camera” turn on the phone.

Use “Volume Down” to move to “Install Update from SD”

Press “Home”

Let the update install, and phone will reboot.

Your Baseband should now read “S:D700.0.5S.DI07”

This update is one that is to fix several errors, and issues.  With these problems fixed we are that much closer to getting the Android 2.2 update.  Once the new update is out Flash 10 will be able to run on these phones, and that means the Android will be able to do a lot more than the IPhone.

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