Sprint Epic 4G Follow-up

I love Android phones.  They rock in comparison to Blackberry, and IPhones.  I have never owned an IPhone, but I have tried one out, and I am not impressed.  I have now had my Epic 4G since the initial release of the phone.  I loved the phone.  When they released the updates for the phone everyone believed that it would help address the battery issue.  Well, I know that I can state successfully that my Epic 4G still has a serious battery issue.  I have gone into the store a few times, and they have told me that it is charging, and there is nothing wrong with the phone.

Rubbish I say.

Sprint seems to have a way of forcing people to do what they want.  They are still just like any other cellular provider in that they require a contract, and they usually don’t do anything that they will lose money by doing.  If you own a phone that just isn’t performing correct they will do everything they can to get you to purchase a new phone regardless of whether or not the phone is a piece of garbage.  I am not saying that the Sprint Epic 4G is garbage, but even with the full Flash Player capabilities I know that things like Facebook games still won’t run. 

One of the biggest things that I don’t understand is why did Sprint add a $10 charge to phones that use data for surfing?  I may have been a little more receptive if there was a 4G service available in my area, but since there isn’t I am using the same service as a regular phone user in my thoughts.  Sprint has gotten a bit greedy as far as I am concerned.  I am of firm belief that the cellular carriers notice that people are on the net, and texting more because of how the cellular phone has evolved, and that is why they want to jack up our rates.

I anxiously await my new phone that should be arriving this week.  I will tell you how that performs in comparison to the Epic 4G.  I can’t wait to hear the ECHOooooooo!

What is your thoughts on some of these issues?

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One Response to Sprint Epic 4G Follow-up

  1. Did youhave to pay for the replacement?