Sports And My Family

Each week I have to listen to my little brother about how he has to watch his football.  Try out some Paintball Guns, and I will make some time.  That is fine, but I just don’t get it.  I am not into racing like the rest of my family.  Make it a Demolition Derby, and we can talk.  My brothers, and father used to want to play some video games together, but now it seems like they are all washed out.

My wife and I were in a tv store the other day, and saw a NY Giants chair.  Immediatelly my wife said to me that my little brother “L” would love that.  I asked how much the chair was out of curiousity, and the salesman told us @$1200.  That ended the conversation.  No birthday football gift for you with that kind of a price tag.  You may be a great brother, but not that good.

None of my family understands that the sports they watch cost money.  They also have a mandatory “Time” factor.  Neither of those things are items that I can afford to spend.  My personal video gaming has even taken a hiatus.  (It has been @ 2 months since I sat down and gamed.)

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One Response to Sports And My Family

  1. Great is relative wih both pricing and family. Fair is fair for all.