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Playstation HOME Open Beta… Let me just say it does not seem like it was worth the wait.  We had been hearing for @ 1 year that they were releasing HOME.  Now that the Open Beta is out, and everyone is able to have it I can now post my impressions.

The system seems slow.  The items should not have prices until it is Final Version.  I got lucky being in the 2nd run of the Beta that I got FREE furniture, clothes, and things.  Playing arcade games to win additional items was a nice feature.

Playstation HOME does need some sort of moderation system.  Volunteers, or people that “POLICE” the system.  Reason I say this… I was playing the other night, and a “GUY” came up to me, and kept cursing that I was sitting on the path, etc… That wasn’t the bad part.  The bad part was that my 9 year old was in the room, and didn’t need to hear this language.

The environment is nicely created.  The FREE games… Bowling, Pool, Chess, Arcade Games are all good.  They should allow wagering of items, or something so that you can earn, or gain items.  The Living spaces are nicely designed.  I understand that supposably you will only be able to have 50 items in your space at a time.

I am a guy, but tested out something I read.  I made a GIRL character, and walked around.  Within minutes I was getting friend requests.  This should not be!  A person should be able to play without being harassed.

 This video is the best video I can find that Sony officially released.


I give the game a 6 out of 10.

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  1. I do not understand plain and simple.