Some Walter Elias Disney Facts


Disney was born in 1901, and died in 1966.


He died of lung cancer.

Partially contributed by chain smoking.


Jungle Book was one of the last things Disney had an active role in prior to dying.


Walt did not ever get to see the Opening of  Disney World.


Walt Disney is NOT Frozen.


Disney’s Death Certificate


Where is Disney Buried?


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One Response to Some Walter Elias Disney Facts

  1. Actually your site piqued my interest. There was no WDW at the opening, just another Magic Kingdom built similar to Disneyland’s original park but with changes to avoid traffic jams. The French Quarter was removed. Alas, its bread bowls of soup and cappuccino coffee were great as one sat and watched the shows on Tom Sawyer’s Island. He was to have an apartment on the top of Cinderella’s Castle.

    When he died, there were many Imagineering projects under review. Some were cancelled; others changed; still others continued. There is a huge map of his plans for the Orlando site. It was at one time on exhibit in Epcot. Don’t know where they put it now.

    I wish that the copy of the death certificate was more legible or zoomed into.

    I can’t remember which of the Los Angeles cemeteries he was buried in. Is it labeled on the map?

    Cyrogenic burial rumors still abound. I once took a tour in WDW and the guide touched on that one.