Some Things I Have Learned About Blogging

While I am in no way a PROFESSIONAL at this I have learned a lot of valuable information over the past few months.  In that information I have learned that blogging is a PERMANENT record of how you feel.  Within a short time of making a blog post your post makes its way into search engine cache files.  What that means is that even if your blog goes down that the information is still out there for all to see.

Think of a blog like you would think of steel buildings.  If it isn’t built correct from the ground up, then it will more than likely fail.

If you are new to blogging, or still have a sub standard blog name, then consider getting a domain name, and sometimes you may even want to get to work with someone that does hosting of blogs, kinda like I am running at MyBlogsHome.Com.

What I have learned is that when you have a problem with a company you need to try to resolve the matter on a civil level.  What a company doesn’t want to see is bad publicity, but they also realize that some people are out for whatever FREE that they can get.

I have also learned that each person blogs in their own manner.  Because something works for one blogger doesn’t mean it will work for another blogger.

I have been straight forward with each, and every company that I have contacted about blogging, and reviewing.  I do all of the PR work for my wife on MomsBlogs4U.Com as well.  We have gotten some really nice contacts in the process.  We would like to get into reviewing some bigger things, but it all takes time.  Make up a email that you can send out when you think of a company that you want to communicate with.  Let them know your pagerank, unique visitors, and pageviews.  Give them as much information as possible.  The more you show, the more likely you are to get picked up.

Note… Google Adsense is nice if you have GREAT traffic.  Don’t publicize that you want people to click on your ads.  This is like theft.  Advertisers pay good money for those ads, and if you are clicking them for “The Click Of It” then you are stealing their money.

Each blogger knows that there is no right, or wrong way to blog, or have their site.  Most bloggers, like myself, watch what is going on, and make small changes over time to their format until it is exactly what their readers, and PR companies want.

I have a site called DisneyContestBlog.Com.  I knew fully that Disney more than likely wouldn’t do anything with my site.  Well, Disney isn’t just Disney.  There are other companies out there that make items with Disney on them.  Those companies are the ones that I have contacted, as they stand to gain some ground with my site.  See… blogging is in the eye of the beholder.

Reviewing… Some companies will not give product without the understanding that the product must be returned.  I have understood those terms, and even worked it that I will deal with that for the 1st time, but once the PR company can see what I can do they need to evaluate if I am in fact an asset.

Video reviews mean a lot.  Even though some people don’t want to sit, and watch a video review you will find a good portion will, as they can see a person using an item, rather than just writing about it.  This also shows them physically how something performs.

Contests / Giveaways can make your traffic.  Bringing people to my site for the first 2 months wasn’t costly, but it did have a cost.  I got some goods given to me, and I ran contests.  Those 2 months are what brought my reader base to what can only be the start of something good.

I put up another blog strictly for video gaming.  I have been posting information on GameBlogs4U.Com that I haven’t found any decent sources for as of yet.  In the future video game companies, and such may want to work with me.

Basically each of our blogs has a unique niche.  If you have to many things going on, then you can confuse people.

Hopefully this helps those that are looking into blogging.

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