Some People Just Don’t Listen

Back a few weeks ago I was at a friends house, and they asked me if I could look at their computer.  I of course told them that I would.  I advised them to let me do a wipeout, and setup on the computer, as it had been overrun with spyware, and all sorts of goodies.  I then proceeded to tell them to get down to the store, and buy some pc laptop memory.  Recently I went over to get the laptop so that I could do my thing.  I was handed a package that they had purchased.  What was it…?  It was macbook memory.  I quickly turned to him, and told him that this memory wouldn’t do anything for him because it was for a “Mac.”  He didn’t understand that there was a difference, but said he would get the right one.  Either he didn’t pay attention, or some fool at the computer store didn’t grab the right thing.

Ever had a problem getting the wrong thing when you ask for something specific?

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