Some Money Saving

Living in New Jersey has gotten to be an incredible leech.  We have been looking at a lot of things that we can cut, or decrease bills on.

We have started by dropping our long distance service on our phones.  We pretty much live on our cell phones, so the house phone has become almost useless.  I will be getting MagicJack once they offer porting of existing numbers.  The auto insurance policy that we have seemed a bit high, so I contacted them, and had them review our coverage.  We found some things to cut, and reduce to help bring down the bill.  We also found some ways to take advantage of discounts available to bring the bill down.

This summer we are going to try and change some things like the electric consumption.  Our swimming pool pump will be run for a specific amount of time each day without the possibility of forgetting to turn it off.  I am considering purchasing a timer, as I didn’t install one initially.  The central air will also not be turned on until the heat gets extremelly high.

Setting the timer on the tv will become standard practice at bedtime.  My daughter will have to understand that electric isn’t getting cheaper.

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3 Responses to Some Money Saving

  1. Thanks for stopping by Maggie.  Thanks for the info.

  2. We actually switched our home owner’s and car insurance from Allstate to Liberty Mutual. We saved A LOT that way. We always thought that we were doing very well with Allstate…not really.
    For our downstairs (finished basement) TV set-up – my husband plugged the Wii, TV, VCR and DVD recorder/player into a power strip that is only turned on when we actually are using it. That stops a lot of power usage.
    I also try to only turn on the living room lights when they’re absolutely needed. Yes, some days, I will turn them on and off a dozen times, but I’m trying. LOL

  3. We too have tried to cut oour spendinig. We left the insurance alone because many premium savers affect coverage. We eat out very little–what we save is enouogh to keep us in met not just carbs. We go out less too.