Some Info For Buying Rugs

When you are a homeowner you find things that need to continually be replaced, or repaired.  One thing that you may need to replace is your rugs.  You can’t easily repair a rug, so I hope you understand this.

I am currently looking to purchase some new rugs for my 4 season room, hallway, and my living room.  Hardwood floors are nice, but they are a lot of work.  Continual scuffing, and sand don’t help with its appearance.  Besides, a nice rug around the house is more comfortable on your feet when walking with no shoes on.

While my wife likes light color rugs, I like darker color rugs.  It all depends on the room.  Too dark, or too light of a rug may not look right in some rooms.

My neighbor that is a contractor suggested a site that he used when he purchased cheap rugs.  I looked at their site, and there is a rather large selection, and the prices seem good.

They have area rugs as well, which may be all that I need.  While I am not one to like to replace things often I also realize that money doesn’t grow on trees, so replacing rugs every few years isn’t something that is a big issue.

There is a large selection of 100% Silk, Traditional Wool, Contemporary Wool, and Synthetic.  Once on the site you will find almost any type you are looking for.

Sizing from 13 x 16 down to 4 x 6 is available.  Shapes from rectangular, round, and runner are also listed.

Don’t forget padding when doing your rugs, as it will protect, and insulate.

Superior was established in 1997.  Their rugs come from Asia, and Europe.  They have a return policy unlike other rug sites.  They do charge a 25% restocking fee if you need to return product.  If you happen to receive the wrong item, or a damaged item they will quickly work with you to get the item exchanged.

Delivery start at $35, and works up to $80 for the larger sized rugs.

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