SodaStream Review & Contest

I had the opportunity to check out the SodaStream Jet that my wife has.  I think that the concept of making my own soda, and not harming the environment is great.

I found the Sodastream Jet to be very easy to operate.  There are a vast amount of flavors available from SodastreamUSA, and Kohls.  The cost to operate this item is very comparible to purchasing soda.  The biggest difference is the different types you can make each time rather than one specific brand / flavor.  You also don’t have multiple bottles laying around.

We have found that after we make the soda we transfer the soda to another bottle so that we can wash, and make more water cold for future use.  Sodastream offers an exchange service on the carbon bottles.  When you are empty, then just send it in with the cost for refill, and they take care of the rest.

Each soda mix bottle makes @12 liters of soda.

Operation is this simple…

Fill bottle with water.
Chill water.
Put bottle in machine.
Press button till buzz.
Add mix.
Shake, and Enjoy.

 Want to see for your self?

SodaStream is allowing me to have a contest to give 1 lucky reader a chance to win.

Read on to find out how you could win.

Here’s all you need to do to be entered…

This is a 2 part main entry. (Both must be completed to qualify)

Visit SodaStream and then comment here about which flavor soda you would you like most.


Visit any of the following sites and comment on any non-contest post.,,


Visit MomsBlogs4U.Com and comment on the Sodastream video my daughter made.  CLICK HERE.

Additional Entries: (Each additional entry must be accompanied by an individual comment here telling me what you did.)

Contest will run from 8/22/09 through 9/19/09.  Winner will have 3 days to respond before another winner is announced.

**All blog posts, button placements, Follows, Favs must stay active for duration of the contest.

**Twitter account must have more than 25 people following.

Additional contests are being run throughout our sites.  Feel free to check them out, and enter for your chance to win some incredible prizes.

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  1. A must visit to for great syrups for the SodaStream.

  2. I got mine thru and saved $10 using a discount code.

    Its an awesome product

  3. Creme Soda for sure.

    I got mine thru and saved $10 using a discount code.

    Its an awesome product

  4. Creme Soda for sure.

    I got mine thru and saved $10 using a discount code.

    Its an awesome product

  5. I would like to try the Root Beer flavor first, followed quickly by all the others.

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