Smoking Outside

We made a major change at our house when we came home from Disney.  We have tried several times to keep our smoking outside, but it never seemed to work.  This time it looks like it may successfully work.

For the last 1 1/2 weeks there have been no slip-ups.  Noone has lit a cigarette in the house.

Actually with having to smoke outside I have found that I am smoking a lot less.  I just have to find something like gum, or candy.  It will help keep my mind off of wanting a cigarette while I am sitting around.  My wife seems to smoke about the same amount.  I can’t take everything away from her, as dieting is stressfull enough, and I don’t want to stress her more.

We have “friends” that hang out with us while we are smoking.  A group of carpenter bees hover by us continually while we smoke.

Can’t understand it.

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4 Responses to Smoking Outside

  1. JMarsden92

    Tamara…We are going to tough it out this winter.  No excuses here.

  2. We have always smoked outside but in the cold weather months it is a bit nippy.

  3. We are trying for our daughters benefit, and ours.

  4. This may be difficult to continue day after day for the long run. I saw people spending more time in the smoking zones of Disney than they did elsewhere. Good luck. I support your choice–not Disney with its DVC buyers who purchased before they spun this in.