Smoking Is Going To Get Hurt

I recently read some of the legislation that the President is looking to put through.  One of the things he is looking to cap off is the sale of cigarettes over the internet.  What I don’t understand is that the President sees how much alcohol is hurting the people of the nation, and he doesn’t want to do anything about that.  Think about it… How many people get injured, or killed daily because of alcohol?

I am sure that there is someone working to keep alcohol out of the limelight, and I am also sure that there is someone working to keep cigarettes in the limelight.  The other hot thing that isn’t being acted on as hard as could be is cell phones.  Between cell phones, and alcohol I would think that the death / injury count is greater than smoking injuries / deaths.

I know that when they push this law into effect that I will have to go to electronic cigarettes.  What is your take on this?

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