Shoppers Hotline Review

While my wife is trying to make every effort to make some sort of money she has tried some things that just didn’t pan out.  One of them was the Shoppers Hotline deal.

Basically this program ships you a small barcode scanner, and you are asked to scan your purchases whenever you shop.  Then the scanner goes back into a dock that is connected to your phone, and uploads your data to their server.

You earn very little money doing this.  There is even additional ways to make money by doing surveys, etc.  She was in the program for a few months, and didn’t earn enough to even cash out when she decided it wasn’t worth the time.  If you forget to scan you even get an annoying email telling you that you forgot to scan.

I honestly feel that this system is basically to watch what people are buying, and monitor sales of a lot of things.  The companies are paying small amounts just because the offer to make money by scanning things sounds great to most people.

My thoughts… Steer far away from this, as you will make nothing, and you will aggravate yourself doing this.

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2 Responses to Shoppers Hotline Review

  1. Pat…She had earned like $10 in 4-5 months.  Not worth it.  She is doing better with her blogging, and Google, and such.

  2. How much was the money?