Seaside Heights Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend I worked Seaside Heights as security for hotels, as I have done for @15 years.  This weekend was just like usual…Hectic.  From the minute I walked in on Friday I had “children” that didn’t want to follow instructions given by me, or my partner.  We got through the rest of the night without incident.

Saturday night was totally different.  The kids seemed a bit more stupid than they were the night before, and I find that it is the beer talking by the second night.  A girl smashed her boyfriends IPhone after he called her parents to tell them that she had shown her chest to a tattoo artist.  Let me just say that it was the most stupid, and ridiculous action I have seen in a long time.

Later on I went to a different hotel, and happened to notice what would have been a shootout between 2 guys if the situation hadn’t been called in for “brandishing a weapon.”  This has made me take a real strong look at what I do, and the danger I could essentially be in.  I don’t want to have something happen to me.  I am confident that I will be stopping this line of work at the end of this year, if not sooner.

Parents need to really put some thought into where they let their children go for holidays, and proms.  Seaside Heights is not the place for your kids if you care.  The town has been doing everything to control the violence, but you can’t have law enforcement everywhere.

I have learned one thing from working in Seaside.  My daughter will not be wearing the slutty clothing that most of the girls in Seaside wear when they are trying to gain attention from whichever type they are looking for.  My daughter will not be going to Seaside, or anything like that for her prom.  Spending on a hotel for your prom only leads to one thing, and it usually doesn’t turn out well.

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2 Responses to Seaside Heights Memorial Day Weekend

  1. JMarsden92

    Pat…The parents do allow it.  I have personally spoken to parents in the past that have told me to do whatever has to be done with their children when they get in trouble.  Parenting 101 definitelly needs to be retaught.

  2. You are really saying that the parents allow this. I agree to a point. It is work for a parent to be involved and know what is happening, to instill values in the kids. Too many parents are kids themselves.