Seaside Heights “Jersey Shore”

I have posted here about working in Seaside before, but I am back to give you some more.  When I started working Seaside Heights I rarely saw weapons come to play.  The fighting was still visible, but it was better contained.  The clubs have lost all control as far as I am concerned.  The kids that come to Seaside have no respect, and the kids parents are usually just as bad.

I have had to do some serious thinking about going back to work this coming summer.  I do make some decent money for the work that I do, but it gets dangerous.  The guys are getting bigger, and the girls get downright dirty when they fight.  It makes me wonder if they are on some sort of hgh supplement, or something even worse.

If you saw “The Jersey Shore” you got a glimpse of what MTV allowed you to see, and that is nothing.  Majority of the show hit the target.  What I don’t understand is that some of the situations outright contradict what I have seen.  When Ronnie walked away after fighting on the boardwalk, and didn’t get stopped is totally off from everything I have seen.  Unless the cast got a little bit of special treatment I can’t understand why noone ever confronted him about this situation.  He could have been a bigger boy, and just kept walking.  I am glad to hear that the guy that hit Snookie was arrested, and lost his job teaching.  It serves him right.  Any man that hits a woman deserves everything that he is going to get.

A few hotels I tried to get to work at wanted a armed officer.  I explained to them that I didn’t need a weapon.  It is all about how you handle yourself, and the people at the hotels.  When you get mouthy, and violent you will get back the same thing.  In 15 years working Seaside I carry 3 things… badge, cuffs, phone.  If any situation gets out of control I know I can always call Seaside’s force.  The stories I could tell you would make you laugh.  I have worked at @ 1/3 of the hotels in Seaside, and each one brought its own issues.

Seaside Heights has a serious gang, fighting, and weapon issue in the summer.  The town knows it, and appears to do everything they can about it.  I really hope that MTV doesn’t make this a routine thing each summer.  I can say this… The show didn’t do any justice for Seaside Heights.  This show definitelly didn’t help Seaside Heights tourism situation.

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