Search Engines…What can you FIND?

Recently I have been looking through some of the search engines that are already well marketed to see what came up for results.  Well, I just found another site.  While they currently don’t have all of the information that Google may have, they do have a very large database of information, and when you search you get what you are looking for.  The site doesn’t have tons of unwanted advertisements, and clutter.  The site may be a bit plain for the Webmeister, but it gets the job done.

While I haven’t found a way to submit to their search engine, I am sure that they will have that feature running in the future. Search Engine


In comparison to the naming plan that some have put together, Find.Com is simple to remember, and easy to type.  The group of private investors that own Find.Com, which is based out of North Carolina, have hired Gene Simmons, and Richard Abramson to help with the sites promotion, and public relations.  They even partnered up with Travelworm to help travelers that need information NOW.

I personally think that another search engine in the world could be a good thing, as most other search engines give Top Ranking to those that pay huge dividends, and Find.Com doesn’t seem to have those same ethics.  Give it a try.  Leave some comments here about your impressions, and findings.


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One Response to Search Engines…What can you FIND?

  1. Competition is always good. Chooices help especially if something goes wrong. Me I leave the technology and support to the experts on staff (ha).