Ridiculous Site Ban.

I have been a member, and posting to several Disney sites for many years. I have always had my site in my signature. That is just normal behavior for almost anyone that has a site.
Today I got banned for promotion of personal website.

The site that banned me was Intercot.  I am not going to give the link, as they have done a huge injustice.

I personally think that their site is very ridiculous in a lot of their procedures, and now I will do everything in my power to steer everyone to the more popular site of DisBoards.Com.

Why give anyone the capability of using a signature if you are going to ban someone for using it for its correct purposes?  Rubbish I say.

I am not selling anything, and my site is not a forum, so what do they have to worry about.

I wasn’t even promoting my site.  I was posting my articles on their site so that I wouldn’t be nailed for promoting my site.

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4 Responses to Ridiculous Site Ban.

  1. Vickie…I found it ridiculous so I boycotted them.  I urged everyone I know to not visit that site anymore.

  2. You’re right that quite a few people use they’re personal site in their signature, to be banned for that reason seems ridiculous.

  3. now in my rss reader)))

  4. Thanks everyone for the great insight and post here.Its great when everyone can share ideas and expirence with others and when it makes a differnce as well.i will be making a contribution here as well.thanks