Revv And Revv Pulse K-Cup Review

Being big coffee drinkers we are constantly looking for “The Better” cup of coffee.  Recently we were offered to try out the NEW Revv K-Cup, and the Revv Pulse K-Cup.  These are for the Keurig coffee machines in case you were curious.

A straight shot of stimulation. Raw energy in its purest form. revv packs more rich, smooth coffee into every K-Cup, so you can super-charge your day, without extra sugar or calories. Take a bold move forward. Launch into life with revv. More Coffee. More Kick.

The first one was a very strong cup of coffee.  I found that this was a good “Wake-Up” coffee.  The wife found this coffee to be very good, and it also reduced the amount of cups of coffee that she wanted.  My neighbor “B” found the coffee to be perfect, and his coffee desires are very specific.  The Revv Pulse has Ginseng, and Guarana added to the mix.  I would definitelly drink Revv again if I had it, and maybe even look for it in stores so I can purchase it.

Nature’s original energy drink just got turbo charged. revv Pulse boosts alertness without compromising on taste. Ginseng and Guarana are natural additions to revv’s high-performance power.

You can get either the Revv, or the Revv Pulse by visiting the Green Mountain Coffee site.  The product costs $13.95 for a 22 count box.

We were sent a sample pack of the two coffees, as to review the product.  Receiving the product had no influence on our review.

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One Response to Revv And Revv Pulse K-Cup Review

  1. Sounds like a caffeine high in the works.