Pulling Teeth For Money

I got a bill the other day.  It was from my good friend that always yells “Yeah Baby” while he is working on my mouth.  I am not against him getting his money, but the economy is absolutelly killing me.

My dentist isn’t a money hungry guy.  Rather he is just a “Plano Dentist” in my book.  He does his job, and gets it done right the first time.  Most other dentists seem to want to have things wrong because the average Joe is on insurance, and they need to see you more when you are on insurance.

I know my dentist isn’t being a pain.  He just wants to make sure I didn’t forget him.  I guess with some people it is like pulling teeth to get money from them.

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2 Responses to Pulling Teeth For Money

  1. Pat…Some of us can’t afford, or don’t have a way to get insurance on our teeth.

  2. Dental insurance helps costwise.