Printer Ink And Toner Costs If You Are In A Hurry

I have both inkjet, and laser printers.  We have made it so that our little one uses an inkjet because she has the understanding that she needs to purchase her own ink when she runs out.  My laser gets costly when I need toner in a rush.  Finding my toner sometimes get hard when looking locally.  Searching around I have found a few sites that have HP toner cartridges very reasonably priced.  My daughter has a Dell inkjet so she can just go to Staples, or other local office supply stores.

On occassion I even purchase toner refills when I am in a real tight spot.  I have now decided to keep a inkjet around for emergency use when I am waiting for my internet orders of toner, and items to arrive.  Inkjets may not be the fastest, but the ink can be found almost anywhere when on a time crunch.

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  1. Doesn’t the printer “warn” you b y fading gently so you have time to order?

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