Playstation: Pain (PS3)

Playstation helped market a game called “Pain”. Upon playing the video for the game before it was released to the market I decided that I really had to have it.

In Pain the objective is simple… cause carnage on a game person, and the environment around you.
Players score by hitting buildings, cars, construction sites, Granny, Bikini Girl, Construction worker, policemen, and much more.

Sounds easy, Huh? Far from it. Some of the actual in game awards are almost impossible upon initial review. Crafty, Out of the Box thinking are what you really need.

Due to the games increasing success, another game was released as a add-on. The new release was called “Pain: Amusement Park”. The new version now had the characters launching at amusement park rides, and tourists. The awards here were no easier.

Since the second release, another version came out. This one titled “Pain:Movie Studio”. In this episode your character must destroy movie sets, and perform stunts that only a fool would attempt.

Pain, Pain:Amusement Park, & Pain:Movie Studio all have additional downloadable characters to add more fun to the original game.

I give the game a 9 out of 10.

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