Planning Your Disney Vacation

Many people have no idea where to start, or what they need when planning a trip to Disney.  I have successfully mastered this part.  I have been doing this for @15 years with my family, and I have also taken some of what I learned from my parents into this.

Here is a complete rundown from top to bottom on planning a complete Disney Vacation.

  • Start looking for flights, or rental cars months earlier than you are going.  (Most flight companies offer specials up to 3 months prior to flying.)
  • If driving to Disney, then contact AAA (if you are a member), and check on driving routes, etc.  If you aren’t a member, then think about getting AAA, as a breakdown on the road could be costly.
  • If you are driving with a camper, then start looking for a place to stop for the night if you are going to stop on your way.
  • Review all sources for you accomodations, and book your reservation.  If you have multiple choices, then book up to 2 of your choices.  (Deposits are usually run at a 30 day billing.)
  • If you are camping in Disney, then give your camper a good once-over, and check for anything that may need repairs, or attention.  You don’t want to have something break on the way, or need something when you get there… The costs are a little high.
  • Decide if you are going to participate in the Disney Dining Plan.  If you are, then let reservations know this, and they will mark your reservation as such.  (You cannot cancel this once there, so you do have time to change your mind.)
  • Review all sources for dining, and call in to book your dining reservations.  Dining fills up quickly, so don’t delay.  When making your reservations make them so that you aren’t hopping all over the property.  If you are going to the parks, decide on a place to eat close to that park.
  • Confirm all reservations @30 days in advance to make sure they are there.  If there is an error, give your reservation # to a dining specialist, and let them know when you made the reservation.
  • Decide if you are going to go back to Disney within 364 days.  If you are going to, then seriously consider Annual Passes.  Money savings are deep.
  • At @ 1 month to go start deciding what you are going to pack.  I recommend checking the local weather for Disney, and packing accordingly.
  • Check your DirecTV DVR, and make sure that you have your tv shows set to record while you are away.  Most of us can’t live without our shows like… CSI, LOST, ER, etc…
  • With 1 week to go start putting all of your packings together, and going over everything one more time.
  • Once in Disney ENJOY.
  • Word to the wise… We don’t want anyone getting accused of harasing the characters… Don’t touch the back of any of them… They get down right nasty… I am joking… ROFLMAO!


I hope this helps you out with your vacation planning.  I will publish a spreadsheet that we use when we are going away.

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2 Responses to Planning Your Disney Vacation

  1. Very useful tips, thanks

  2. Boy are you a novice! Two trips to the MK (that was all it was then) in ’72, another in ’78, then an average of two annual trips from ’85 on to the present make for 23 years experience.

    Your suggestions are solid as long as you are not on a wait llist; the airlines don’t change your reservations; a member of your party doesn’t get ill and need medical care; etc. Alll of which happen–I guarantee it–and you know it.

    Have a wonderful time.

    Have fun