Places I Would Like To Visit Again

Many years ago before I met me wife, and had a family of my own my parents took us to Las Vegas.  We went to several of the hotels & casinos.  The one that stood out the most to me was Circus Circus.  We have seen that place on tv shows, and my daughter is always amazed by what they have.

One of these years I will get my wife to be willing to go out towards California, and stop off in Las Vegas.  I know staying in Vegas is trouble, as it will more than likely cause my bank account to cry.  Information about Las Vegas hotels is available almost everywhere.

I really want to go back to visit the Burbank, California area.  When I was a kid I saw so much that I remember, and if I can show my daughter some of those things then I think that she could learn a bit about me, and our world.  The Sequoia park would be one thing that I especially would like her to see.

My uncle used to work at the LA Zoo.  He was a animal handler.  She will never get to see that, but she has heard many of the stories that he has told.  I was there, and I was amazed at how many movie stars, and others that he was in contact with.  He also got our family into LG trains.  The other thing that he had connections to was the Magic Castle.  I never got to go there because of my age, and I really wish I had gotten to go there.

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2 Responses to Places I Would Like To Visit Again

  1. Michelle…One of these days I will put some up.

  2. Being an LA Zoo fan, I’d sure like to hear some of those zoo stories! :)