Phone Service Alternatives

I have been watching for the last year to see if I could find ways to save a bit more money on some of our bills.  One of the biggest things we did was that we made some major changes to our phone service in our house.  I used to have all the features on my home/office phones.  I never even got to use some of them like the conference calling feature.  I have MagicJack, and that has made it so that I don’t need long distance service on my phones.  This is needless to mention that I also use my cell phone for a lot of my business, and I am not in the office much as it is.  I recently decided to give Skype a try.  As long as both parties are internet based, rather than phone, the service costs nothing.  This is also nice because they have an android app out that allows me to talk to someone else on Skype without cost when I am in 3G, 4G, or connected via WiFi.

Next time you want to make some major money changes look at your phone bill.  I did, and I am glad that I made some changes.  I think I pay @ $20 a month now, and that gets me unlimited local calls, and unlimited incoming.

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One Response to Phone Service Alternatives

  1. What one pays for is what one gets–buy only that wihich you need and use.