People Are So Shrewd

I have been a long time computer tech, tv tech, tv installer, and more.  Over the past few years I have noticed more, and more that customers are out for themselves, and will mow the technician over no matter what.  When I get to a customers home I am not required to move their existing tvs, and such.  For the most part my customers are very nice, and wouldn’t take advantage of me.  They know that I am reasonable for my work, and I take pride in doing my job well.

I just recently received an escallation about a job I did.  The escallation was that a tv I installed was not usable.  When I left the customer signed off, and I demonstrated that everything worked to the best of my capability.  The customer even gave me a tip.  I moved her old tv to the garage, and even drove out to a store to get her cables because she didn’t have the right ones at the time of installation.

I am glad that I am not like a doctor.  I don’t need to worry about things like protecting myself from lawsuits .  I am thankful for this because the way people always want to get one over on someone would make it so that my insurance company would be calling me every few days.

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  1. The customer is not always right although he thinks he is.

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