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I was a member of an online gaming community for quite some time.  Online games are better than ones that you purchase, and install because you don’t have to bring your computer with you when you go away, and also they can be played from almost anywhere.  Bringing my laptop with me everywhere isn’t always an option, and even if it was most of my games are on my home desktop computer.  The online games don’t require very high powered computers in order to play the games.

The last time we had to renew my wife discussed with me that it was nice to play the games, but for the money it was a bit too much.  I never looked at it that way because I thought that after 5 years we would have won something in their giveaways.  Having not won anything we decided that it would be best to just dump the expense.  This brought the need for free online games.

We have been searching for good online gaming that we can enjoy in our spare time.  We found quite a few sites.  I used to like playing dirt bike games in the beginning, but then started playing hunting games.  It is so hard to find games that are actually fun to play.  So far Gamevance is one of the ones that I play on regularly.  They have prizes that vary from gift cards to actual merchandise.  Now all I have to do is actually win a prize to make it all seem worth it in the end.

Do you play online games?  Do you pay to play those games?  What do you play, and how much time do you play.  Have you ever won any money from any online gaming systems?  What is your secret to winning if you have won in the past?

Happy Gaming.

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