Paycheck Deductions…They Take A Lot.

I haven’t been in the workforce for that long being that I have owned my own business for most of the past 15 years.  I have been trying to figure out how bad my paycheck is going to be after I become a full-time employee.  (That is if I get to become a full-time employee)  I know I am going to have considerable deductions that I must have.

I guess it won’t be all that bad having some of the benefits that I will have.  If I get injured, or anything I will have medical.  If anything was to happen that made it so that I couldn’t work again I would also have social security disability.  If I loose my job because of cuts in the workplace I will have unemployment.

I guess there really isn’t much that a person can cut without really hurting themselves.  How bad are your deductions, and would you cut any if you had the opportunity to?

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