Pass The Buck

When something can’t be found in our house who do you think the first person to be blamed is?  If you said me, then you were right.  My wife is always blaming me when she can’t find something, and usually when she finds whatever it was it happened to be wherever she ended up putting it.  You see in my house nothing ever makes it to the correct destination.  It seems like weekly I hear “You moved it.”  This week my wife found a bill that she was looking for on my desk.  Turns out it was right where she put it.  I don’t have a large desk, but it is what it is.  I have often considered purchasing something new from the office furniture store so that she too can use my desk, and not have to pass the buck.

My wife is not computer literate, and even thought the computer I got her operates correctly she always blames me when things go wrong.  This is strictly because I am the computer guru.

Do you have a significant other that blames you whenver possible?

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