My Personal Views About Our Government

For many years I have been a smoker.  My wife is also a smoker.  We have changed our lives to make our daughters life better.  We originally smoked in the house, but we stopped so that my daughter wouldn’t be adversely effected by the smoke.

With that being said… I have to say that I personally believe that the government takes action on things that they want out of the picture because they might not be making as much money as they would want.

Look at how New York tried to ban certain sized drinks.  It is not the governments place to tell us what size drink we can have.  We should be the smarter people to know what size we need, or want.  There are many facts that are not taken into consideration when you read actual statistics.  I am not saying that the statistics aren’t biased, skewed, or whatnot.  The numbers do not show how many people could have cancer due to water, environment, and many other things.  It is incredible how the politicians automatically make new legislature to slow down, or eliminate smoking.

The OUTSIDE is OUTSIDE.  If the government is going to come down on smoking then they need to actively enforce pollution from vehicles, factories, and other things.

Here are a few points in regards to this…

  • At the Disney World Resort you can smoke in secluded little areas so that you aren’t seen for the most part.  At the Disney World Resort you can drink anywhere you want.  (Magic Kingdom “Not Included”)
  • Same is true for many other amusement parks.
  • Certain towns have made it illegal to smoke in your own car if their is a child present.
  • Smoking at a park is illegal. 
  • Smoking in a restaurant is illegal.  (Even outside areas in most.)

Alcohol brings DWI’s, DUI’s, and accidents that can lead to death.  I have not heard of a case where smoking caused an accident that lead to death, but there may be one person out there that can’t handle their cigarette.  I personally believe that every single car that is manufactured should have a breathalyzer installed at the factory before shipping.  There would be a big response to this by the public, and the insurance companies would love the added values of it.  I am sure that there are ways to circumvent the process, but there are ways to make sure those measures aren’t deviated from.  When it comes to drinking at amusement parks, water parks, and such the key point to keep in mind is that alcohol isn’t something we want children getting involved with, but they allow adults to drink in front of children.  How hypocritical is that?  We don’t want the kids to see smoking happening, but we will allow them to see drinking going on.  Alcohol not only brings certain issues that we all know of, but it brings others that most people don’t think of.  Alcohol coming from glass containers can also be issued because of broken glass that causes flat tires, cuts, and deaths.  Sugar is not good for everyone, but I don’t see them taking that off the market, banning it, or limiting it.  Guns kill a lot of people too, but the government only fights their battles with the gun control laws when a major situation arises.  If everyone had a gun there would be a lot more thinking before shooting because you wouldn’t know what the other guy has.

The government has been allowed to take our freedoms away from us for too long.  When will we all stand up and fight for what we have?  If we don’t fight for our beliefs then we will have no beliefs in the end, and we will end up living behind a WALL like they had in Russia.  If you value your freedoms please start communicating with your congressman.

In all reality I would rather my child smoke over drink alcohol.

Review Of Florida Eco-Safaris Horseback Experience

During a trip to Florida during March we had the chance to experience horseback riding at the  Florida Ecosafari at Forever Florida location in St. Cloud, Florida.  My wife, daughter, and I took the experience because we don’t have a chance to do horseback riding in New Jersey.  Even though it was just a few weeks ago our daughter talks about the experience as if it was just yesterday.  This was an experience that we will not forget.

Once we walked into the main building we were asked which experience of the many offered we were there for.  We filled out documents, and waivers.  After that we sat inside the building that has a store, and a small food area.  Our tour guide was on his way in from a previous tour.  All of us were advised that there were NO bathrooms on the tour.  When he arrived he went over some basic safety tips.  After that we walked from the main building to the stable area.  Once at the stable area our guide got us our horses.  We were in a group with some other very nice people.


After getting our horses we started our 1 ½ hour tour of the property.  We were advised that the tour could be slightly longer, or shorter based on any uncontrollable factors.  When we initially started down the path our guide pointed out some gators.  Throughout our tour he pointed out some things that aren’t really seen during the tours, but more in morning hours, or late afternoon.  These were tracks belonging to hogs, fox, coyote, and possibly others.

Halfway through the tour we came upon a small creek that we would be crossing through.  The only bad thing about this creek is that it was still slightly cold.  If it was later in the year it wouldn’t have been so bad.  We all had to remember to keep our feet in the stirrups, but out of the water.  We all succeeded in doing this, and ended up dry.  On the way back we got a little more speed up in some random spots.

All in all the Horseback Safari experience was worth every bit.  We all enjoyed ourselves, and hope to do it again one day in the future.  One thing I can urge everyone that is thinking of doing this is to please bring some cash because tipping the guide is encouraged if you enjoyed yourself.

Sweet Tomatoes Orlando Dining Review

During a recent trip to Orlando, Fl we were given the opportunity to check out a dining experience that is nothing like anything in New Jersey.  We went to Sweet Tomatoes on International Drive.

When you first walk in you are at the salad line.  A vast selection of salads, and fixings for the salads await you.  At the end of the salad bar you come to the register to pay for your dining.  You also get your drinks at this location.

Once you pay for your meal you take a seat and enjoy the food.  After you are done with the salad you can go back up to the rest of the food.  This consists of fresh breads, soups, and more.  Also in this area you will find the dessert section which has ice cream, puddings, and more.

If we had one of these in New Jersey I know I would be there more often than I would want.  I know that the food is much better than a fast food chain, or some of the other sit down restaurants.  The prices were not bad either.  For 3 people I spent far more than I would have almost anywhere else.

If you are in the Disney area / Orlando, Fl. then make sure to definitely check out Sweet Tomatoes because it is an experience you won’t want to leave.  Go on their website and sign up for coupons.