On A Serious Note…Sickooooo

I just read the Observer / Reporter, which is one of my areas smaller newspapers.  There was an article on the front page about a man having sex.

That’s not the bad part.  The 20 year old man was apparently having sex with his 9 year old sister.  The strange part is that this was being done at a motel, and a park.  If the parents knew, then they also need some serious medical help.

Not bad enough that it was his sister, but a sister that is less than half of his own age.

What is this world coming to?  This is pitiful.

Buddy, if you need sex that bad, just go find someone of age that is looking for a one night stand.  People like you deserve everything that you are going to get.

I personally think that this person needs some serious medical help.

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3 Responses to On A Serious Note…Sickooooo

  1. Jennifer… This world has a lot of sickos.  What can we do?  Nothing legally.

  2. That is horrible!! What is wrong with people these days?!!

  3. Pity the sister–she will suffer much in her life. He probably won’t though because he felt he was more important than living right.