Odd Search Engine Results

The strange things you find when searching the net will never cease to amaze me.

I had a customer call me, and tell me that her husband was searching for car parts, and used the word rear.  Well, next thing she knew was that her computer had a bunch of things come in, and start notifying her that she had infections, and they needed to be cleaned.  She immediatelly called me, and told me of her situation, and I told her to shut down, and leave it alone till I got there.

My wife searches for diet methods, and usually never has a problem.  She usually just types in what her keyword is into the address bar.  Searches like fat loss would result in www.stomachfatloss.org, or something similar coming back, or weight loss would result in sites like Jenny Craig, or Weight Watchers.  Well, she did a search the other day for staying fit, and she got back quite a few off the wall sites.

People are learning more ways to manipulate the search engines, and make their sites show up in results.  There should be a special search engine just for those “Off the wall” words, or terms so that not everyone would be subject to the results.

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