Not only Principle, but Money too!

What is your take on the world we live in?

I just read an article, and watched a news video on an article.  This world has gotten a little too greedy in my beliefs.  If everyone was to sue for things like this, we would all be in court.  I understand about the disabled part, but suing… “A little far off the reservation!”

I totally agree with rules put in place to protect how handicapped, and disabled people are treated.  I just feel that there seems to be a bit more suing going on in these times.  Maybe I should sue Microsoft for making me so addicted to being on the computer, or sue DirecTV for having a DVR product that has caused me to watch far more tv than I ever previously watched.

This is what the story was about.

Woman suing for being kicked off ride

A Florida woman had a prescription for chronic pain that included riding Disney’s Tower of Terror. Her doctor also further claimed it was helping her. 

She states she holds the record for the most rides, which is 56 times. 

For the past 3 1/2 years she has visited Hollywood Studios to ride the attraction. She rode it over and over, as many as 20 times in a row. 

She needs between four and six surgeries a year to get rid of her adhesions. 

Her  doctor wrote a letter to Disney: “The benefit of riding the Tower of Terror breaks down these adhesions thus relieving her of so much pain.” 

“Every since I’ve been riding the Tower of Terror, I only have to have one surgery versus several. 

She had a disabled card, and would either go through the Fast Pass, or the back entrance. 

“A different manager said she didn’t care what my card said, I’m only allowed to ride the ride four times”.  She further added that she was told she could no longer use the back entrance.  She spent the next couple of weeks arguing with Disney. In the end, she got booted out and was cited for trespassing and for using profanity. 

For its part, Disney said there was never a restriction placed on the number of times she could ride the Tower of Terror.  Disney said she used profanity in front of guests and that’s why she was ordered out.  But the park did say it would listen to an appeal of her case. 

At time of reading the article, and watching the video, the lady was suing to get back on the ride, and also to collect damages.

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One Response to Not only Principle, but Money too!

  1. Interesting on disabilities, but if I were Disney I would be wary of this customer.
    I would also like to have had a brief summary of the article with not so much paraphrasing.