Norfolk, VA by Aaron

I recently went to visit some friends in Norfolk, Virginia. This was my first time visiting this great city.. Before leaving my home I made sure that I set my Adt Arlington security alarm and I hit the road. My friend that I was staying with lived and what is considered the Oceanview part of the city. This was the coolest area, right across the street from my friend’s apartment building was the beach. Oceanview has plenty to do if you are interested in nightlife. The first night I was there we went to a bar called Gators. Gators was your typical local neighborhood bar. The people were very friendly and I would highly recommend this spot is your point to visit Norfolk Virginia and just want to go out and have a good time. The next morning I wanted to go shopping so my friend took me to the best mall. The mall was called McArthur Center. This mall was one of the best mall that had ever gone to. And they had several restaurants located in the mall. Restaurants such as the California Pizza Kitchen, Max and Ermas, and they even had a very small Cheesecake Factory that only offered a selection of cheesecake. There was even a movie theater located in the mall.

By my friend Aaron Thomas

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