NJ Isn’t Where I Want To Live Anymore

I have lived in New Jersey for my whole life.  Over the past few years I have noticed quite a few things that have made me want to get out of this lovely state.  Taxes is something that I just can’t stomach.  I am sure if you live in NJ you feel the same.  The state is going to be broke, and there is nothing anyone can do about it.  I am working multiple jobs to be able to afford my home, cars, and family.  It is tough.  One of the most recent things that has changed is the Motor Vehicle inspection guidelines.  Originally a vehicle had to go through extensive testing in order to be allowed on the roads.  Well, now they have changed the guidelines enough that I fear there will be far more unsafe vehicles on the roadway.  I have a Ford F-150 that has had a check engine light on, and has failed.  The truck was repaired, and now the only thing that is wrong with the truck is the ABS light is on.  This is because the cost of the ABS valve body is far more than I am willing to spring for.  I know a person that thought he could wait until the guidelines changed to take his car in because it wouldn’t pass.  He found out that the cars have to have a fully clean inspection sticker before passing the new rules.  They still allow cars to be taken into a auto shop so that repairs can be made, and passed on failed cars.  Cars that have the check engine light on will still automatically fail.

What do you think of New Jerseys new Motor Vehicle guidelines?  I think they are trying to cut money from the wrong places, and 1 stiff lawsuit from someone getting badly hurt, or killed will change their minds because they will have a lawsuit worth its weight in gold bullion.  We thought about going to Florida, but the job market there is a rough ride, and I have a business that just can’t pick up and move like a residence.

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One Response to NJ Isn’t Where I Want To Live Anymore

  1. So sell the car to your wife, reregister it in her name, and problem of inspection should be technically solved. Only kidding.