Nextel 8350I Curve


My Review

I have had my 8350i for about a week now.  I figured everyone would want an unbiased review of the phone.

The phone works nice with a Bluetooth headset.  Holding this phone to your ear is kinda like holding a brick to your head.  The holster that they give with the phone is a bit on the cheap side due to the fact that the phones can still come out of it.  You would think they would package a rugged type case for it with what they charge.  No way to watch tv unless you have found a few of the select sites that are out there that still have FREE streaming feeds available.  I haven’t tried the unit with ORB yet, but I will.  Syncing the unit to my home computer was effortless.  Configuring email was just as easy.  As long as I don’t have Outlook open on the desktop I get a email on the Blackberry that I can read, and delete.  You have two options at time of delete.  Delete from handset only, or delete from handset, and mailbox.

Finding misc. wallpapers, and ringtones is no problem.  I will put a directory up for those that need some ringtones, wallpapers, etc.

Being that I was paying @$80 for service on my IC902, they easily convinced me to switch to the Simply Everything Plan for $99.  I won’t have any extra charges now.

What I don’t like about the phone.

Keyboard is a bit smaller than most Blackberry units that are on the market.

The trackball is a bit touchy at times.

Not many themes are available at this point in time.

Sometimes have to pull the battery to “Kick Start” the unit.

What comes in the box

8350i Unit
USB cable
Wall Charger
1gb Memory Card
Sim Card

Watch for comments on this post, as I will make a comment when I have made the Ringtones, Wallpapers, and Themes available.

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One Response to Nextel 8350I Curve

  1. Upping to the Everything Plan is a good idea if the consumer is going to use the various features. If hr isn’t, then he has upped his yearly expense considerably.

    Me, I only use the phone feature. Sprint pressured me to upgrade plans. DEFINITIVE NO. My current bill is about $60 before tax and insurance. I do not use all my minutes and I have free incoming–something they have done away with so why sspend nearly twice as much?

    If you aren’t at home and need computer access, this model should work for you. Trading up gives them profits–that Blackberry cost you $$$–because they can’t keep some models like the 902 working.

    I wish they would make phones to last like they did in their beginnings. They do not support their own technology on the hybrids. Trading up gives them profits–that Blackberry cost you $$$–because they can’t keep some models like the 902 working. I just had my 902 replaced yet again. Service neglected to send the correct charger,

    I just won’t give in….