Newsflash – New Breakthrough – Disney Mickey Pizza

I thought that the surprise of seeing what was in store when you went to Disney World, or DisneyLand was what Disney was all about.  Disney is marketing far more than I would have ever imagined.  I just ran across another product that is being sold in food stores.  Disney Mickey Pizza.  It retails for $1.99 at the Shoprite.  My wife has seen a different variation of this, and I will get a picture of it up as soon as I can.

What other brilliant idea will Disney come up with next?  I personally think they should come out with a Disney Vacation in a box.  Think of it… Open a box, and take a whimsical ride on the monorail, or pop in a dvd, and enjoy a 3D virtual vacation in one of the Disney locations.


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4 Responses to Newsflash – New Breakthrough – Disney Mickey Pizza

  1. Thanks for that.

  2. All these Disney products advertise Disney. I wish I could get free advertising or even better people to pay for my advertising. And, if your little darling really will eat only MM shaped pizza either take a knife or pizza cutter and cut that shape our of a good pizza place. That way you can eat the rest and it will actually taste good.

  3. Shop Rites in my town and 1 town over have carried this for over a year. It isn’t bad. Basically you’re paying for the Disney name and Mickey’s ears, since the pizza itself is about the same size as any personal size pizza that can be bought for about $1. Disney counts on Moms that don’t think buying it because their child sees Mickey, for the cuteness factor or the children yelling I want it factor.

  4. Disney markets loads of products in different local markets. Once you get out of Florida and California the products available are fewer. You pay for the name and picture. Kid appeal costs. Some of the products are great while others don’t pay. Generics meaning store brands have the same nutritional values. Stick to the lollypops and cookies. Their novelty effect is great. Disney still hasn’t figured out the country is in a deep recession.