Nascar RV Resort Mays Landing Review

Last year we stayed at the Jellystone RV Park in Mays Landing.  We had a ok time, but there was a lot that we just didn’t like.  There were “children” running most of the activities, and the park was in disarray.  The pool wasn’t upkept like it should have been, and there seemed to be no life to the park.  This year we heard that the park had changed management, and theme so we decided we wanted to check it out to see if we would be happy going there.  The new theme was Nascar.

We pulled the camper in at @6:30pm on Friday.  For the most part the park had a lot of seasonals there, but not many casual campers.  While we were setting up we heard that there was a dj at the main tent.  They also had a “bouncy bounce” blown up for the children.  On Saturday we had some company come down for the day.  Big “L” was the first to arrive.  When my bro-in-law “T”, and his family showed up we were invited over to play some horseshoes.  The seasonal campers are quite nice.  During the horseshoe game the FIFA soccer matches were being shown on the bigscreen that is setup under the main tent.  Our little one went off to the pool for a bit, and bounced around with her cousin.  After horseshoes the adult all went swimming.  At 7pm they had “Candy Bar Bingo” for the kids.  Sunday was a very hot day.  We had Big L come by again, and we went out to lunch.  Prior to leaving for lunch an announcement was made about a game for the adults.  We got to pick 2 numbers from a cage of other balls, and the numbers paired up with a sheet of racecars in the days race.  The person who happened to have picked a winning car would win a prize.  My wife won a FREE night when we book again, and I won a FREE snack which I gave to the little one.  When we came back our little one went swimming with some kids she met.  We sat around, and played dominoes while we battled the heat.  It was very comfortable in the camper with the air conditioning going.  It was so cold at times that there was no need for any heated mattress pads like we used once before when it was getting a bit chilly.

We just returned from another week at the resort.  We enjoyed our time away as usual.  At the end of the weekend we decided to take advantage of a $150 special that they were running.  We will get to stay in the rental trailer that houses @10 people for 3 nights / 4 days.  During this trip my neighbor, and his wife also stayed there in a vacation cabin at the resort.  They said the cabins were nice.  They have a tv, microwave, refrigerator, bunk beds, and a regular queen size bed.  They enjoyed themselves so much that they booked a rental trailer as well.

The park has changed considerable.  This trip I noticed that the dj was onsite on Saturday this time, rather than on Friday.  There are activities for the children, and adults.  Some activities cost.  There is a volleyball net, and more horseshoes setup by the main tent.  I would definitelly camp there again.  Bags of ice cost $3, which was a bit steep.  We went to the local store for ice when we needed it.  The only thing that I found a bit annoying was the cats that kept coming around, and attacking our garbage bags.  I will definitelly tell others, and my family because they love Nascar.  I am not a racing person, but camping is just fine.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed yourself. We know we did,