Mystery Shopper Scam…Verified

I am not a person that just does anything that a piece of mail says to do.  Recently we received a check for @$3200.  It was from a company named Universal Tech, Inc.  It was formal looking, and the check that they sent looked genuine.  The document had barcodes, and names, and numbers all over it.  They even referenced the BBB, which I checked.  They did have a F, but it wasn’t for this type of issue.  It was for other reasons.

I called HSBC, and tried to verify the check was good.  They couldn’t verify it.  I knew based on my outlook of situations that as long as I waited for any check to fully clear before doing anything that I wouldn’t be a loser in the end.  I had a feeling at this point that this was a scam.  If I was wrong, then I would have legitimate money.  I checked the internet, and found no noted scams about this company, so I decided I would attempt deposit.  I would not send any of the required money out until long after the money FULLY cleared my bank was my thinking.  When it comes to money I don’t take a back seat.  I verify everything before I act.

I had no contract with the company, nor did I solicit them for this type of work.  @$3200 just being mailed to me was the trigger.

We deposited the check.  The bank initially made the funds available.  The letter said that I was supposed to Western Union money out within 7 days.  I refused to do anything until I saw the check clear 100%.  Today I looked at my account, and noticed that the check was being reversed.  This was in fact a scam as I originally thought.

If you get anything that has a check with it, then be warned.  I have a name of John Como on all paperwork.  Everything is a scam.  They are banking on you depositing the check, seeing it initially clear, and you sending money out.  That would be fine if the banks didn’t take forever to clear things with the Federal Reserve.

This company has been inducted into my own “Hall of Dumbest Internet Scams.”

I have contacted the proper authorities, and will work with them hoping it will prevent others from being scammed.

Here is another article on the web that I just found after someone tried to scam me.  Click HERE.

The BBB report is HERE.

Here is the amazing part of the scammer.  I called him back to get his side of the story, and they denied ever having any sort of mail come to me.  He said that they don’t issue checks out like that.  Can you say DUMB MORON?  I have a letter from them, and a copy of a check they tried to pass.

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9 Responses to Mystery Shopper Scam…Verified

  1. So sorry to hear about this…
    If these people could only use their powers for good
    instead of evil the world would be a better place.

  2. Got the same thing! Thanks for the heads-up, will tear it up

  3. I recieved the same thing in the form of a check for 3460.00 dollars. I always thought that if something sounded too good to be true then it probally was. Mine said to contact John Yaku also.I started checking the web and came across your message. There were others that had warnings posted about the same company. I just want to THANK-YOU very much for your input it was very helpful and I thank-you………………Chuck……..

  4. I just got a check from UTI. They should call them Urinary Tract Infection for scamming people! Thanks for the heads up.

  5. francis Marino

    I just got the same thing. John Clarke

  6. sf15…Read my post, and there is a news article mentioned.  It has some numbers that are important to contact.  Also I would copy the letter, and give a copy of it to your local bank so that they are heads up regarding the matter.

  7. I just received this same thing today. I called the number and told them I would not be participating and would tear the check up. Someone answered and took my name and said i would not be sent anything else. WHo do I contact to report them? Is it a police matter?

  8. i just recieved the exact same letter, except the gys name was changed to john yaku and the check was for $3,440.00. i went to my bank and asked what they thought of the check. they said they werent sure and i didnt deposit. instead i looked up the issuing bank and called them to verify the check. it was indeed a fake. i am in the process of reporting this guy to the banks fraud dept and anyone else who may be able to stop this a**hole! i knew it was too good to be true. i even took the check and letter to work and showed my immediate supervisor to see what she thought. she agreed that i should look into it, but said she thought it was legit. you know this trully is ignorant and cruel. i cannot afford to lose 100 dollars let alone thousands. i am so glad that i took the time to investigate this before doing it.

  9. I hope you notified the police.