My Wife The Shopping Queen.

Does anyone have a significant other that is the “almighty” at shopping?  I have one, and her name is Debbie.

When she goes shopping with limited cash she can come home with a car load of items.  This is no different for Black Friday.  Prior to Black Friday she is scouring the local stores for pricing, and looking at online fliers for Black Friday.  On Black Friday she gets a few people together, and they go shopping.  She drops off each person at a location, and gives them cash, and lists.

When I say she is the shopping guru, I mean it.

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2 Responses to My Wife The Shopping Queen.

  1. I am up at 2 am on Black Friday.. why even go to bed!!! I don’t really shop!! I just love to walk the malls for activity!!
    HOWEVER.. I did save $97 in coupons while food shopping yesterday.. does that count???

  2. I enjoy comparing technique with her.
    I agree she is darn good as well.