My Wife Really Impressed Me

Brief background…

My wife has wanted to lose weight for some time, but with stress, and other issues she never dealt with it.  Her doctor had been pointing more of her health issues at her weight.  Starting to consider this she decided it was time to do something.

Fast Forward to the real story…

My wife found an ad in a local tabloid looking for contestants in a local weight loss competition.  She had to pay a very small amount of money… I believe $20.  Each week for 12 weeks she would have to report in to the group of other women, and men that were also competing.

She didn’t deviate much during the competition.  I believe she may have had to pay once, or twice.  After 12 weeks she went for her final weigh in.  She came home, and surprised our daughter, and I by telling us that she had won.

Group rules… If you gain weight, then you must pay $1 per pound over.  If you missed more than one meeting, you had to pay $1 per meeting.  That money would go to another one of the competitors that won based on other loss.

Again this year she got notified of another competition.

She started her 12 weeks out without issue.  Once, or twice she had to pay for gaining weight.  In the end she went to her final weigh in last night.  She again decided to surprise us by coming home, and telling us that she had won.

Our family has benefited from this as a whole, as every Monday night, my daughter, and I would cook dinner together, and spend some time as father, and daughter.  She always enjoyed those nights, as most of the time she doesn’t get to see me because I work as much as I can, and she doesn’t get to see me as much as we would both like.  Our daughter has a mom, and I have a wife that is much happier because she is succeeding at something she set out to do for herself.

I am very proud of my wife.  She has done extremelly well with keeping her mind set on losing weight.  She wants to join up again, and our daughter, and I will fully support her once again.

Hearing her say that she was “The Biggest Loser” sounds a little off, but it is a truthful tag.

How she does it is really all about continuous exercise, and keeping to a routine way of eating.  My wife learned a lot about food when our daughter was put into counseling to learn about how to eat correctly, and what foods aren’t good for her.

If you are in Ocean County, NJ, and want to get involved email me, and I will point you in the direction of the coordinator for more information.

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6 Responses to My Wife Really Impressed Me

  1. I have used both of Ms. Somer’s books, and have followed her diet strategies for about six months. I have lost about 13 pounds, and gone from a size 10 to a size 6. I am 5’6″ tall and now weight about 120 pounds. I just had my yearly check up, and indeed, as I had feared, my total cholesterol was up. However, my “good” cholesterol was way up, to 101! My ratio of good to bad was down, from 3.2, to 2.7. I feel good, and am able to have and go to, dinner parties and functions while remaining on this program. There has been a recent spate of criticism for similar diets, most notably, the Atkins diet. It should be noted that these diets, while somewhat similar, have vital differences. On Ms. Somer’s version, of what is after all, an old European idea, one eats plenty of vegetables. One can, indeed be a vegetarian and follow this way of eating. My parents-in-law, who are Swiss, and have always lived in Switzerland, have eaten according to these principals for years, and are healthily in their 80’s. It is sensible and safe, easy to follow and the results are fantastic.

  2. Very nice job. Congraulations.

  3. As sponsor of the Community Weight Loss Competition = I just want to say Congratulations to Debbie again!!! Debbie is committed to losing weight and gaining good health. She attends every class and does everything required to lose weight. She is currently a 2 time first place winner of the Community Weight Loss Competition!!!! But as you can see, she has the support and love from her family which is also instrumental for anyone trying to make changes in their life! Keep up the great work all of you! Continue your journey to good health and a healthy weight!!!

  4. I didn’t say this earlier, but I meant it… I am very proud of you, Deb.

  5. This is such a great story, I am so touched, tell her to keep up the good work and use the money to buy something for her self,no that mickey mouse guy!

  6. I too am very proud of her effort and happy she was rewarded with two succeses: #1– losing the weight. It will help her in the long run be healthy. #2 — the prize money will be nice especially since she puts her family before her. She truly deserved to win. Congratulations. And, does she look great!