My Wife Is Really Surprising Me

My wife is still dieting, and doing well at it.  She is eating very carefully, and she doesn’t deviate much.  She has accomplished what some of the best weight loss supplements have done for others that she has met.

We have both discussed using other things, but the money part of that is what bothers me.  With the current economic situation I cannot justify spending drastic amounts.  She lost 27 lbs. during this session.  Throughout the past 2 sessions she lost a total of @ 70 lbs.

I am very pleased with her, and I realize that she isn’t doing this just for us.  One additional reason is that she wants to be around for many more years so that she can see our daughter grow up.

Keep up the good work Deb.

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2 Responses to My Wife Is Really Surprising Me

  1. Tom…What do I have to do with this topic?  My doctor isn’t complaining about me in any manner.

  2. And how about you?