My Wife Is Blogging

Hi, and I would like to thank all of my loyal readers.  My wife has decided that she has found a way to let off a bit of steam, and creativity.  She wants to blog.

She will be doing Wordless Wednesdays, posting about life, and much more.

There is also a Mr. Linky section on her site to promote your contests.

Here’s the best part… She will be running contests.

I got her a domain name, and set up her blog so that it isn’t overwhelmed with junk.

I would like to ask everyone to stop by, and give her a welcoming to the blogging community.

She doesn’t have much content there yet, but I promise that I have her on a schedule to keep the site productive.  By next week there will be a lot more posts.

Her site is

Starting a blog is like taking a diet pill.  You can’t stop once you get started.

Thank you all for bringing her in right.

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3 Responses to My Wife Is Blogging

  1. Thank you for your info…
    I will checking site for blogs/contests
    It should be fun!

  2. Pat…Actually she wants me to keep her on a schedule, and asked me to help keep her to one.  That’s a working relationship in most corners of the world.

  3. Pompous man thinking you will keep her on schedule. Remember a woman made you with some help.